Avalon Medical is a full-service general practice health care provider offering a comprehensive range of primary health care services. It operates from new state-of-the-art facilities at the northern end of the Avalon Health building at 6 Avalon Drive, Hamilton.

Avalon Medical is a family-oriented practice. It boasts a medical team of multiple doctors supported by registered nurses and administrative staff. The medical team is headed by Dr Tiwini Hemi, the founder of Avalon Medical, and includes both male and female doctors.

Avalon Medical is part of National Hauroa Coalition (NHC). They are a not-for-profit primary health care management company. They provide a network of professional health care services which your GP and practice nurse can access as required.


Before we have received your complete file from your previous GP, it may be difficult for Avalon Medical GPs to provide you with a thorough assessment without knowing your previous history.  Therefore please take note of the following:

Repeat Prescription Requests:

Please bring evidence of your previous medications showing quantity and dosage by either bringing in your medication in its original packaging or a copy of your last prescription from your regular pharmacy.  A GP consultation is required for all new patients' medication requests.  A 6 monthly medication review is required with a GP for all medications.  This is to ensure you are on the right medication, at the right dosage and at the right frequency for your condition. 

Certain Drug Requests:

In order for Avalon Medical GPs to assess your requirements they must first be able to review your existing management plan.  Until your file is received, no repeat prescribing will be allowed for any habit forming drugs or medications.  

15 Minute Appointments:

Consultations are offered at 15 minute intervals.  This time is usually not enough to cover multiple concerns.  In the interest of time and for the courtesy of other patients waiting, please choose the most pressing concern for the first visit.  Follow up visits are allowed however these will incur a respective fee.

Proof of Identity & Citizen/Residency or Work Visa:

It is now a requirement of the Ministry of Health that all patients are to provide photo identity and/or eligibility to receive funded health services in New Zealand. 


After Hours Care Information:

After hours care is provided by Anglesea Clinic.  If patients ring Avalon Medical after normal hours of business, the call will automatically be re-directed to Anglesea Clinic.

This is a 24 hour service and help is always available to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Home Visits and Telephone Access:

Home visits may be available for enrolled patients whose may be suffering from a life limiting condition.  Prior arrangement must be made with your regular GP.  Your regular GP reserves the right to decide whether a home visit is warranted and may suggest that emergency services be contacted if a home visit is not possible.  Please note that a home visit is not an automatic right and must meet qualifying criteria and conditions.  Lack of transport and poor mobility will not be considered as qualifying reasons for a home visit.   Private charges may apply.

Test Results:

You will be advised of the approximate availability of any test results including INR, x-rays etc.  If results require URGENT action from our medical staff, we will make every attempts to contact you by phone, text or letter.  It is our policy that we will initiate contact only in the event of an adverse result being the outcome.  

If your results are within normal range, the responsibility is upon the patient to ring for their outcome.

NB: Please consider signing up to ManageMyHealth - web based  patient portal. Allows you to access your medical records and view lab results online.  Please ask any staff member at your next visit to sign up.

Reminder/Recall Notifications:

Our practice is committed to preventative care.  We use a "Recall and Reminder" system to provide preventative care for its patients, to follow up abnormal or significant test results, to manage patients with chronic disease, and to ensure important health checks are not forgotten and performed. 

This will assist the practice in ensuring that important health checks are not forgotten and are performed on time, as well as ensuring that significant results are discussed.

Your Rights:

In providing a quality health service, this practice complies with the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.

If you feel your rights have been breached, please let us know.  We welcome any opportunity to improve our standard of service and uncover any problems.  You may give any feedback or make a complaint in writing or by speaking with any member of staff.  If you feel you are unable to advise us in this way you contact an independent advocate service from the Health and Disability Commissioners office by phoning 0800 11 22 33.

Complaints can be directed to the Practice Manager: sundee@avalonhealth.co.nz