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Information About Measles in Hamilton


Please read this notice from Health Waikato which contains important information about the measles outbreak in Hamilton. Continue Reading

What Would Your Personal Health Checklist Look Like?


Think of a time when you’ve felt very sick, maybe a case of pneumonia, a bad bout of the flu, or a more serious illness. You probably didn’t feel much like “engaging” with people. That’s the term health advocates use to describe what patients need to do to be effective in managing their health care. It’s very hard to act like the CEO of your own body when you’re unbelievably tired, or in pain, or depressed.  It’s virtually impossible to feel powerful when you have chronic bed head and it’s a challenge just to climb the stairs. Continue Reading


Most people who lived in earlier ages spent the majority of their waking hours foraging for food. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that most of our accepted wisdom about food has significant cultural, social and religious significance. Food is one element in your health and well-being but it's more than that. Continue Reading