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To enrol with us with complete this form and return it to Avalon Medical. 

If you were born outside of New Zealand please  provide a passport, proof of residency or a working visa endorsement.

New Patients

Before we have received your complete file from your previous GP, it may be difficult for Avalon Medical GPs to provide you with a thorough assessment without knowing your previous history.  Therefore please take note of the following:

Repeat Prescription Requests
Please bring evidence of your previous medications showing quantity and dosage by either bringing in your medication in its original packaging or a copy of your last prescription from your regular pharmacy.  A GP consultation is required for all new patients' medication requests.  A 6 monthly medication review is required with a GP for all medications.  This is to ensure you are on the right medication, at the right dosage and at the right frequency for your condition. 

Certain Drug Requests
In order for Avalon Medical GPs to assess your requirements they must first be able to review your existing management plan.  Until your file is received, no repeat prescribing will be allowed for any habit forming drugs or medications.  

15 Minute Appointments
Consultations are offered at 15 minute intervals.  This time is usually not enough to cover multiple concerns.  In the interest of time and for the courtesy of other patients waiting, please choose the most pressing concern for the first visit.  Follow up visits are allowed however these will incur a respective fee.

Proof of Identity & Citizen/Residency or Work Visa
It is now a requirement of the Ministry of Health that all patients are to provide photo identity and/or eligibility to receive funded health services in New Zealand. 

Health Information Privacy

Avalon Medical is committed to managing health information in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

This means that we will protect the confidentiality of your health information as required by this Code and associated laws.

From time to time we may share relevant information about you with other health providers to assist in providing you with co-ordinated care. These may include:

  • Other medical centres, pharmacy, nursing and allied health professional involved in your care.
  • Public Health Officials investigating notifiable diseases
  • The Primary Health Organisation (PHO) you are enrolled with for administration and funding purposes.

Further details are included on our enrolment form (see link above).  All patients are required to complete their own enrolment form.  Parents or legal guardians may sign on behalf of their dependents under the age of 16 years. Everyone 16 years and older must sign for themselves, unless they are unable.  In these cases proof of enduring power of attorney may be required to prove a representative's relationship to the patient.

If you have any questions relating to how we many your health information, please do not hesitate to ask.