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Frequently Asked Questions


You will be able to see a list of all your prescribed medications.

You can order a repeat prescription for any long term medication you are taking.  Some medications you are taking may require you to make appointment before these can be repeated e.g. if you haven’t been seen in the past 6 months and or require your blood pressure to be checked. 

If a medication is not showing in your pick list then it is not in our system as a regular (or long term) medication – your doctor may still be able to prescribe a medication that is not in your pick list if you have had the medication before and you can provide the name and dose of the medication (write this in the notes section). If you cannot provide this information, then you need to make an appointment to see your doctor to get the medication.

Please note that it usually takes 2-3 days for us to process prescription requests, if you need your prescription more urgently or require your prescription to be faxed then there is an option for you to choose this but note there will be a higher fee.

Appointments (Feature Currently Suspended)

You can make non urgent appointments with a doctor through ManageMyHealth™ – this will give you a routine 15 minute appointment.

For the following types of appointments you need to ring reception to book:

  • urgent appointment (to be seen today for urgent problem)
  • more than one appointment (e.g. for yourself and a child, or for 2 children)
  • an appointment with the nurse
  • booking for a medical (including a drivers licence)
  • if you think you might need a longer appointment


You can see a list of all the immunisations you have received. If you think something is missing please let us know.


This section shows all the allergies and medication sensitivities that we have recorded. If you think something is missing please let us know.


Recalls are reminders in our system to advise when you are due for immunisations, screening programmes (like cervical smears and mammograms for women), regular blood tests or other regular treatments.


This section records your medical history and significant diagnoses – if you feel something is missing then please let us know. If you think something is not correct please discuss with your doctor.

Lab results

This section contains all your blood tests and some other tests and results.

The lab will mark the test with H (for high) or L (for low) if any results are not in the normal range. Your doctor reviews all results coming in to the practice before they are sent to you and will add a comment to your results, – please read this before you get concerned – we try to write comments that you will understand but here is a summary of our most commonly used abbreviations:
n = normal
ok = some irregular results but general picture is ok
ab = abnormal – this will usually be followed by a comment that lets you know if this is a known long term problem or something new that needs more testing or action
f/u or fu = follow up
nfu = no follow up
rpt = repeat
appt = appointment
i = informed (this means we have called you, discussed result with you)
we use 1/52 to mean 1 week, 1/12 to mean 1 month
we follow all comments with our initials (this is for our quality control)

This list may not cover every abbreviation used, and in some instances there may be no comment which signifies a normal result or normal to you– if you are not sure what the comments mean you can ask your doctor or nurse to explain.

Doctor Notes

This section is not yet activated but will be soon and will allow you to see the notes we make at your visits to the clinic.


This allows you to send a secure e-mail to us. Please note it may take us 2-3 days to process these requests.
You can update your contact details and notification will be sent through to reception.
You can contact your nurse or doctor for:

  • simple advice
  • queries about your results
  • for more information

We will respond within 2-3 days, if your query is urgent we advise you to call the practice, if your query is complicated we may ask you to make an appointment.


You may get notifications from ManageMyHealth™  to advise you when lab results are available, scripts have been done or other information is added to your records.  Please don’t turn off these notifications