07 846 0082 or Dial 111 For Emergencies

We are offering both virtual and in clinic consultations and these can be booked by phoning reception. Please do not come into the clinic if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose. 

Covid-19 Swab
If you have cold/flu like symptoms and would like a Covid-19 swab please phone and book a time. There is no charge for this service. 

if you would like to enrol as a patient, please click the enrolment tab, complete the form and follow the instructions. 

Same Day Acute Service

We offer a same day acute service for our enrolled patients who are in need of an urgent review.  Please phone us and one of our helpful nurses will be able to advise whether this service will suit you. 

Consult Fees

Standard GP Consult (Enrolled Patients)

Under 14 years         Free
14-17 years                     $13.00
18 years +$19.50

Standard Nurse Consult (Enrolled Patients)

Under 14 years                 Free
14-17 years$9.00
18 years +$15.00

Prescription Fees

Standard (Pick Up or Faxed)$15
Urgent (Pick Up or Faxed)$25      

Please Note

*Fee is for a standard consult of 15 minutes. 30 minute extended consults are available at a double charge. 

*Payment is expected at the time of service, however, if you are unable to pay on the day, please let us know and we may be able to organise a payment plan. 

*Fees are the same for phone consults.

*Please allow 48 hours for a standard prescription. Urgent prescriptions are only granted in extreme situations.